The 3 Important Steps In Repairing a Flat Roof

Flat Roof Repair

Repaired Flat RoofIf you have flat roof is in need of repair you’ll need a knowledgable, experienced roofing contractor for the job. Repairing a flat roof presents a very different set of problems. Having a flat roof for decoration purposes has recently become the more preferred choice for many Houston residential homes  If you’re concerned about maintaining your roof properly You can have a flat roofing contractor give you a roof repair estimate. But, before you do take a look at some of the important steps involved in flat roof repair listed below and educate yourself .

 Flat Roof Repair Houston – Important Steps

  • 1 Removing the damaged area and replacing it with a new section would be ideal for small damaged areas of a flat roof. Dirt and gravel from the damaged section of the roof should be cleaned by grabbing a broom and sweeping it clean. The gravel should not be discarded and can be used in roof repair process. The damaged area can be removed by using a straight edged utility knife. You will need to put some effort for cutting a rectangular section of the roofing material. The first layer of material needs to be cut first and the other layers that are damaged can be cut after this and this is one of the important steps of flat roof repair.
  • 2 From an asphalt shingle or roll roofing, you can cut out a replacement section of roofing material. Depending on the size of the section you removed, the replacement piece should be approximately the same size. Inside the cutout area, you can spread some plastic roofing repair cement and you must ensure that the cement is over the edges of the cutout section. Nail the patch after setting it properly in place. The patch should be placed around the perimeter of the section and you can use galvanized roofing repair nails that are spaced approximately 2 inches apart for the purpose of flat roof repair
  • 3 A replacement that is 4 inches larger than the first replacement needs to be cut and the first patch must be overlapped by this by at least 2 inches on each side. Roofing cement can be used to cover the first replacement patch and you must extend it by at least 3 inches outside the patch perimeter. Similar to what you did with the first replacement you would need to press down the second replacement and hold it in place as you cement and nail it.

Flat Roof Repair Made Easy

Sweep back the gravel onto the top of the patch to help hold it in place after the cement has begun to set in. If the cement has not hardened the wind could easily pick the patch job and blow it away and you would have to start your flat roof repair all over again. Try to locate leaks by examining the lower lying areas of the flat roof as this is the area where most often the damage occurs due to water pooling there. Soak water by using absorbent materials and cloths. Look for blisters or a crack in the roof after the area is completely dry. Use a knife to open the blister that you had located. Ensure that the knife does not go deep as it will cause more damage. Wait for the area to dry after draining the water from inside the blister. Seal it tightly after applying some roof cement to the flat roof .

Sewage Damage

Avoiding Sewage Backup And House Sewage

Sewage Clean Up

Having regular sewer line cleaning or inspections typically does the trick. However most sewer pipes are below our living spaces, so as the saying goes- “out of sight, out of mind” gives way to the possibility of sewage damage happening. Sewage water can pool up in pipes bound by pipe obstructions waiting for that next flush to be released into the home or office. Having an expert remediate a sewage backup is very important due to pathogenic bacteria nature of raw sewage. Our trained network of sewage damage professionals at ATEX Water Damage Restoration are available 24 hours a day, every day! We sanitize, clean, and treat furniture, walls, carpets, crawl spaces.  A sewage overflow presents a serious health risk not to be taken lightly, don’t wait, get immediate help, call us right away. 512-410-5349

We have been doing this for a very long time. Cramp spaces like crawl spaces where sewer damage is likely to cause problems is best remediated using an experienced individual who knows how to move around in these cramped spaces. The only way to clean up wastewater, in fact, is to crawl around and clean sewage out of the many pockets of contaminated sewage backup pools, that if left will, in turn, flow into the next lower pocket that becomes a raw sewage pool. Disease from this type of contact and exposure can be eliminated by the proper microbial treatments and application that we helped pioneer some twenty-three years ago.

Dumping Lime (Calcium hydroxide) Into Sewage Backup is Wrong!

Many people believe that dumping Lime onto ground areas that have been contaminated by raw sewage is a viable solution. They put lime down to eliminate the smell. It may help a bit but it’s not a viable solution. Not True! The fact is that the next guy who enters a cramp crawl space like the plumber or cable guy gets burnt by this harsh chemical. It’s a Toxic Hazardous Material that requires specific recommended applications and usage. Sewage backup isn’t one of them. You need sewage cleanup experts to clean the sewage up, dry the area out and disinfect everything in the area.

Sewage Damage Professionals Remedy Sewage Problems

Our team at ATEX has many years of experience in dealing with all types of sewage problems. Sewage repair restoration personnel require special training, protective gear, and God willingness to adequately perform waste water removal from confined spaces. Sewage water will turn your business or home into a health risk if not treated properly. We can help you best by contacting us at the first signs of sewage odors. We know what an emergency a sewage backup can be so we have crews standing by to respond to calls of this nature immediately 24/7. Don’t wait to call our emergency hotline right away.  512-410-5349


Dumpster Rentals Provide Quick Clean Up

Dumpsters are a necessary part of every home owner’s experience as various projects require adequate trash removal that can not be handled through the city trash removal services. Each home project requires the removal of excess waste. Dumpster rentals are specifically important during any construction work or cleanup project in your home due to trash pickup limitations and other legalities.

There are various types of dumpsters available based on your project needs. The various sized dumpsters include: 10 yd. ³, 15 yd. ³, or 20 yd. ³. These dumpsters are designed to handle whatever excess must be thrown away. This is especially handy for projects that have a mixture of materials including glass and metals. Glass and metals must be properly discarded during traditional city trash pickup and this can be especially tedious if you are working on a large project and you must separate materials rather than just tossing them into one large dumpster.

Dumpsters are even on wheels. This is particularly great for projects that are taking place in separate areas of the yard or the home such as a general home cleaning that includes a shed or garage and a basement. Remodeling jobs will need to use of a dumpster rental. For example , when remodeling a bathroom there will be excess drywall, older model bathroom fixtures and flooring that really must be disposed of correctly according to city standards and dumpster rentals make every home project much easier and simpler as one toss takes all of it.

Dumpster rentals are also important for safety purposes. Every construction project debris disposal or cleanup project requires the removal of broken materials and potentially hazardous materials. Rather than trying to sort out hazardous materials for the city trash pickup you are able to simply toss them all in to one dumpster. This means that you will have no residue of broken glass or dangerous materials lying on the ground outside of your property or inside your home which could cause an additional insurance risk since it is a tripping hazard or potentially life-threatening issue. Simply calling for a dumpster rental will protect you from possible harm or hurt as well as give you quick and easy trash removal. Renting a dumpster is easy and simple. You can request that it be dropped off on the very day it is needed and that it be followed up with a quick pick up. You can easily remove trash through dumpster rentals.

Dumpster Rentals – When the Average Home Owner Might Need a Large Receptacle

There comes a time in every home owner’s life when it is required to clean house. In some cases homeowners accumulate so much that it could become necessary to call a local dumpster rental company.

Of course, not all home owners find their garages, storage rooms, basements, or attics overflowing. Sometimes a dumpster could be the perfect solution for cleanup during or after a home remodeling, re-roofing project, or major landscaping project. Homeowners are often prompted to dump excess possessions when they are becoming ready to put their home on the block. While a homeowner may possibly reach a point where they cannot really notice unwanted items piling up, a prospective home buyer notices. Nothing looks and feels better than seeing a cluttered and unkempt area restored to its rightful purpose.

Since most city trash disposal businesses limit the amount of rubbish they pick up weekly, as well as the types of trash accepted, it becomes the home owner’s responsibility to call in a dumpster company to move excessive accumulations, unwanted furniture or appliances, and trash.

One of the first questions that must be addressed may be the size of the roll off dumpster rental required for the job at hand. These units come in yardage sizes varying from ten to as huge as thirty or forty yard containers. A typical ten yard unit might be 12’x8’x4′ though dumpsters do come in a variety of dimensions. A ten yard dumpster should hold the clean out from a small basement or garage, the roof shingles from a 1500 square foot roof, or a small kitchen or bath remodel. A thirty yard container could hold the trash from an important home addition or the construction of a small home. It could probably accommodate the demolition of a garage or shed on the home. When in doubt by what size to order, a call to a dumpster rental company should help.

When renting a container unit from a dumpster rental business, the customer is charged according to the size of the unit, the length of the rental term, and any weight exceeding the weight that was negotiated when the contract was signed for the rental. If a ten yard dumpster is rented, but the actual weight of your trash is a dozen tons, an extra charge will be added to the rental fee. When the rental company disposes of your unwanted items at a dump site, they are charged by weight, so that extra charge is, of course, passed on to the customer.

It is amazing what it’s possible to put into a trash dumpster. While each state may have slightly different regulations about types of debris which can be disallowed, almost anything goes. Make sure you check with the dumpster rental company for a list of things that are not permitted. The usual exceptions would be chemicals, gasoline, oils, and other toxic or flammable substances.

Most businesses will accept anything from your yard, including lawn equipment, yard waste, leaves, grass, and brush. Water heaters and furnaces can be taken away, as can other appliances and electrical equipment. Furniture and construction materials including concrete and brick are also good candidates for removal, but be mindful of weight when disposing of such heavy items. Dumpster service is an invaluable opportunity for the home owner to dispose of unwanted items and revel in the good feelings and added space when the clean-up is complete.

Use a Dumpster Rental to Get Rid of Your Trash When You’re Living in the City

There is a large number of things you can count on when you are living in the city. Congested traffic. Having neighbors close enough to bump elbows in the event that you turn around too fast. And never having a public landfill anywhere within a 20 mile radius! Most of the time that’s no big deal (isn’t that what you pay a trash service for? ) but when you’re launching a renovation, demolition or clean-out project you’re going to make trash faster than your trash service can haul it off.

Welcome to the wide, wonderful world of rolloff dumpster rental. When you are living out in the nation the ability to rent a dumpster and have it delivered to your doorstep just in time for the messy stuff is nice. When you’re living in the town, it’s essential. It’s the simplest way to handle your waste and never having to waste hours of your time.

Unless you’re a contractor (or you’ve worked for one in the past) you probably don’t know rent construction dumpsters austin, how to arrange one or what you’re going to do once it gets there. The notion of actually renting a dumpster can be incredibly intimidating for the Do-It-Yourselfer, but flake out. There’s nothing to it.

Listed here is how a rolloff dumpster rental works when you’re living in the town. You call the company (yes, there are whole companies that dedicate their lives to making sure people have dumpsters once they need them) and tell the nice customer service agent what size dumpster you’ll need. If you’re not sure, they’ll be in a position to take you through their options and make a recommendation based on your particular project.

The nice thing of a rolloff dumpster rental is that it rolls on as well as off. In other words, once you order your dumpster the company sends it on a truck and delivers it right to your door. All right, so they’ll probably leave it on the road or in your driveway, but you can see where we’re going with this. The point is, you don’t need to make the arrangements to get it there. Someone else does all the hard work for you!

In many urban areas space is at reasonably limited, and these companies know that. A lot of them have special trucks that easily maneuver through thin alleys and tight corners, and they carry skids to keep their dumpsters from destroying your landscaping. Most parts of the city have special permits for dumpsters, meaning a) You’ll probably have to fill in some paperwork before bringing your dumpster home, and b) No matter where in the town you are, you’ll be able to obtain a dumpster for your next project.

Dumpster Rental, Landfills and the EPA

Being fully a dedicated DIY enthusiast is a superb way to minimize the amount of money spent fixing up your house. It nearly means you can get a fixer upper at a great price instead of paying a fortune for the “perfect” house. Unfortuitously, it also means you’re going to be hip deep in construction waste! Here’s a quick guide to dumpster rental, hauling trash to the landfill and what the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) needs to say about your home improvement.

Dumpster Rental

Did you know that you don’t need to be a professional contractor (or have an “in” with the dumpster fairy) to be able to get an industrial sized dumpster for your home improvement projects? That’s right. There are businesses out there that realize Do-It-Yourselfers make just as much construction waste as a professional crew, and they’ve dedicated themselves to making sure homeowners as you have access to a large sized dumpster whenever they need it.

Here’s how dumpster rental works. You choose up the phone and call the company renting the dumpsters. You tell them what size dumpster they need. They load the dumpster onto a truck and deliver it directly to you. When you’re completed with the project you let them have a call, and they’ll return and pick your dumpster rental back up. Simple.


When you decide to go the route of dumpster rental the company is going to care for making sure your construction waste finds its way to a certified local landfill. That is not something you have to worry about! If you have a landfill down the road, nevertheless , and decide to forego on the dumpster rental in support of the traditional “load it on the pickup and haul it away” method you are going to need to know all about what you can throw away and what you are going to need to call in a HAZMAT team to take care of. Which leads us to…


Environmentally friendly Protection Agency has strict rules about the disposal of construction waste, and with good reason. You never know what you’re going to find in the exact middle of a home improvement project, and whatever you find might not be safe to toss into the ground for the next millennia approximately. Substances that aren’t environmentally friendly and therefore are going to require special handling include (but are not limited to) medical waste, drums, tanks, kegs and barrels, asbestos, paint, sewage and septic waste, gasoline (or other petroleum products), radioactive materials, car parts, chemical waste and animal carcasses.